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Smile is our significant project to provide full education assistance to the students from poor families. We collecting money from every msf members and distribute it to poor students to for their educations to achieve their goals. We started this project on JUNE 2014.



We conducting comienzo on every year as a new year program, based on previous year incidents. It include mainly Quiz Program , Theme Cracking Visual Presentation etc. We started this programs 10 years ago and now it is running successfully on every year.



It is another program to encourage the students to speak in front of crowds. We create a platform for students to show their talent and skills. Speech on relevant topics and discussion on current affairs are attractive events in 'Vicharavedhi'.



Changathikoottam is a culture program for children from the ages of 4 to 12 years old. The children participate in and learn about cultural activities, teachings, and ceremonies. We include our old and traditional games and programs and introduce it to new generational students.



Prathibasangamam is an annual event conducted by msf mogral puthur panchayath committee, featuring several art competitions for students of msf units. The participants are winners from different units for a particular event will be competing in panchayath competition. The event is usually conducted in summer holiday, April-May months of a year.

Student Help Desk

Student Help Desk

Today, Msf Mogral Puthur offers a suite of programs for students introducing them to science, technology, engineering and math through a variety of workshops and tuition class all aimed at developing skills. Programs include after school programs, evening classes,Exam Coaching, Motivation Classes.

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