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Mogral Puthur
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We are Muslim Students Federation Mogral Puthur Panchayath Committee .
It is our official website.

Welcome, this is official website of msf. We working under Indian Union Muslim League Mogral Puthur Panchayath Committee, We mainly focused on helping students in educations and other activities and make them good leaders for next generation. We formulate and implement programmes for the social, cultural,educational and economic uplift of the students especially of Muslims from our panchayath, Mogral Puthur

We, msf ,also conducting various programs to ensure friendship and camaraderie among students and to motivate them to attain excellency and all round efficiency in the living society. We also providing Educational assistance and Financial support to students to achieve their Goal. Our ongoing programs are SMILE , Vicharavedhi, Comienzo , Student Help Desk etc


Msf Mogral Puthur Msf Mogral Puthur Msf Mogral Puthur

Raising a strong and educated leaders to the society

The Muslim Students Federation is an Indian Muslim students union affiliated with the India Union Muslim League.The Msf Mogral Puthur is a panchayath committe under kerala state Msf dedicated to helping students from Mogral Puthur with teaching knowledge and financing their postsecondary education. We are working with an aim to help and uplift the weaker sections of the society. By the tremendous blessing of Allah, Msf Mogral Puthur had been able to present variety of activities in different fields.In addition the abundant support given by the kind hearts of our society have strengthened all our activities.

Msf Mogral puthur has been actively conducting different program like 'smile', 'vicharavedhi' with the motive to help students. Our future plan is publish a 'E magazine' with students article for students to sign with their own words in the earth. We always try to conduct unique,variety , professional and really useful events that will find a way to grab your attention and hopefully make you come back to see more events made by us. We love to hear all your suggestions and critics, so by all means don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s make a world beautiful together!

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